I've worked with Cesar and having known him for a couple of years, I trusted he'd help me out with my taxes.  His price was reasonable and he got me a nice return.  Cesar sat with me and explained every part of the return.  He provided me a packet with all of my original paperwork and a DVD of my current year's return.  My return was electronically deposited into my bank within a week.  

Al D.



I was given Cesar's card and saw his "Return Review" offer on the back of the card.  I made arrangements to meet with him and within 30 seconds he found something wrong with my 2012 return.  He quickly pointed out a box that was missing information and explained what should've been put there.  Although his initial find was in favor of the IRS, he was able to find several other errors that resulted in an amended return of almost $2,500 in my favor!!  This was a very welcomed surprise. 

Carmen F.



I was referred to Cesar by my boyfriend and after meeting with him I felt comfortable that he would take care of my return.  True to his word, my federal return qualified as FREE!!  

Christine W.



Cesar took care of my taxes.  He worked out the return different ways to see which one would benefit me the most.  Cesar took the time to explain each section to me until I understood precisely what it meant.  Days later, I showed up with a document I had forgotten and he quickly filed an amendment which netted me another $450.  

Richard K.